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Literary Festival Comes Again WNC Woman - September 2015 (link)

guest blog for 1000 Memoirs On Raising Chickens - July 13, 2011

guest blog for Cheekteeth (Trachadon literary journal) A Playwright's First Act

Why We Love Western North Carolina: Ramps WNC Magazine - July 2011 (link)

the 'hot southern' chef: terri roberts WNC Woman - December 2010 (link)

shiny happy wendi WNC Woman - August 2010 (link)

the fashion birthday party WNC Woman - December 2009 (link)

the design gallery: reference, relationship & reality WNC Woman - May 2009 (link)

profile on Charles Price Solander: Magazine of the Historical Fiction Society - Autumn 2008

Cold and Smellin' Like Pickles Now & Then - January 2008

rare as a blue moon: sharon's sanctuary WNC Woman - August 2007 (link)

The Prices' Novel Relationship WNC Woman - June 2007 (link)

The Nourishment of Story WNC Woman - August 2006 (link)

Becoming a Better Writer WNC Woman - April 2006 (link)

My Life is a Poem WNC Woman - October 2005 (link)

Preparing Myself WNC Woman - October 2004 (link)

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