An Uncivil Union: the Battle of Burnsville

by Britt Kaufmann

premiered at Parkway Playhouse in June 2011

In April of 1864, forty Appalachian mountain women raided the Confederate storehouses in Burnsville, North Carolina, and made off with sixty bushels of wheat.  The next day, approximately 75 men stormed the same place and made off with 100 new guns and 500 lbs. of bacon.  While the names of the women have been lost, their actions are inspiring.

An Uncivil Union:  The Battle of Burnsville is a full-length comedy imagined to coincide with these actual historical events.  Hazel and Zeke had been engaged before he left to fight in the Civil War, but when he returns wounded, not only has he been changed by the war, so has Hazel.  In convoluted attempts to win Zeke back after he breaks it off with her, toughened Hazel sets into action both enormous failure and surprising success.  With a host of neighbor women to help her and throw wrenches, they discover there is grand adventure in life.

Between the Tackles

by Britt Kaufmann & Stephanie Stark Poling

premiered at Parkway Playhouse in 2012

Set against the backdrop of their perennially dismal football team's surprisingly successful season, three long-time friends (Mark, Ryan & Elliot) are faced with a situation where they must do the impossible: recognize the importance of their friendship. Mark is offered a new high paying job by his current fling, but taking the job will mean moving away from everything he knows. Filled with the inane antics of (nearly) middle aged sports fans, this play is sure to have you laughing and rolling your eyes.

Review in Mountain Express