Britt continues to be a stay-at-home mom of three school-aged children. Now that they're in school a good portion of the day, this means she is finally living in a relatively clean house.  No, that's a lie.  It means she has more time for her writing. (Also a lie. She likes to volunteer.)

With more ideas than are good ones, she continues to vacillate wildly between creative ventures. She writes poetry, plays, and has been working on a book idea for over two or three years now. Additionally, she designs websites, logos, and help directs a children's choir at church. And, as if that weren't enough, she is preoccupied with gardening, sewing, playing with the dog, watching the chickens, photography, and has started running. (She hates running, though, and only does it so she sleeps better at night. She'd rather be playing volleyball to stay in shape.)

Her poetry and prose have appeared in various publications: Kakalak Poetry Anthology (2007 & 2008), Main Street Rag, WNC Magazine, Now & Then, WNC Woman, The Mennonite and The Pedestal Magazine among others.

A founding planner, the Carolina Mountains Literary Festival keeps her busy with web and ad design. She also hosts Eve's Night Out, a monthly open-mic poetry reading in Burnsville.

Her first full-length play, An Uncivil Union: The Battle of Burnsville (a romantic comedy set in the middle of actual events that occurred in Burnsville during the Civil War) was produced as a part of the Parkway Playhouse's 2011 season.  Her second play Between the Tackles, written with Stephanie Stark-Poling premiered in September of 2012 on the same stage.  She was awarded a 2012 Regional Artist's Project Grant to aid the completion and production of this play.